by Leslie Gunnett

Welcome to my blog on zero waste!

This is a blog about trying. The world needs more people to try zero waste, even imperfectly, and that is what I am striving to do. Mistakes will be made, but hopefully we’ll learn a lot along the way! This is me… being…environmentalish.

Hello there!

My name is Leslie, and I am striving to go as close to zero waste as possible. I am attempting this through switching out every day products, changing my diet, and embracing new habits that are better for the planet. Bear with me and join me on this journey of trial and error, where we can laugh and learn together!

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Bathroom Business: A Post About Sustainable Sh*t

Okay y’all – it’s finally here. I am finally writing about the bathroom business.  I’ve put this off for a while because we were a little slow going on this front.  However, for my birthday this year, my husband took the plunge (hehe) and bought a bidet attachment for a toilet. We have a Tushy,…

Low Waste Vacationing

My husband and I just came back from our first big vacation since before the pandemic, so I finally had an opportunity to test out everything we’ve learned about zero waste living on a big trip! We flew to Switzerland, went through and stayed in 3 different Swiss cities, then traveled through the Alps for…

Greenwashing Guide

Today I want to talk about greenwashing.  This is so important to know about if you want to be environmentally friendly in your lifestyle.  I am going to lay out what greenwashing is, tips on how to identify it, ways to avoid it, and some examples that I have found in the last year on…