Today I’m going to talk about deodorant.  I have been going a little crazy trying to find something natural that works for me.  About a year ago I decided that I wanted to start avoiding deodorant sticks that have aluminum in them, so I tried a few aluminum-free options for women.  I am sad to report that these do not work for me- I would have to reapply several times a day or I would start to smell myself.  It wasn’t cute.  I then switched to using a mild smelling men’s deodorant so that I could have an aluminum free option that would keep me from stinking halfway through the day.  However, this still comes in a plastic container that ends up in the trash, so once my last stick ran out I made the switch.  Deodorant bars take a while to adjust to, so I waited until I had a 4 day weekend off from work and started using one once a day.  I still stunk a little the first 2 or 3 days, but my body adjusted by the time I went back to work and now I can exclusively use this bar.  I read that another option is to use no deodorant at all for a week and then take up a new one so that your body will adjust easier, but switching over a long weekend seemed to work for me.  I got my deodorant bar from Ethique- they are not expensive and their brand is fantastic.  I love the way by deodorant bar smells and although it is strange to rub under my arms each morning, I’ve gotten used to it and I actually really like it now.  It goes on smooth, and seems like it is going to last forever.  I use the lavender scented one- it is very mild and not too strong, but just strong enough to work.  I have been using it for 3 months and my bar is not even half gone yet- so I am definitely going to save money making this switch.  Now that spring is here and summer is around the corner, this deodorant is facing the ultimate test.  So far so good, though!  Starting it when the weather was cooler and letting my body adjust was the right move because it lasts all day, even when we hit 90 degrees outside.  I love this brand so much that I am going to try even more of their products as soon as I can.  

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