Zero Waste On-The-Go

Hello friends! Today I want to talk about how to be zero waste on the go- one of the hardest times to stick with this lifestyle due to the throwaway culture we live in. 

The first thing I want to do is give you a tour of my purse.  I feel like in order to live this lifestyle while also wanting to be prepared for things to come up, I have no choice but to carry a bag with me when I leave the house.  I keep everything as compact as possible so I don’t carry around anything too excessive; I just keep the essentials on hand and keep the nonessentials stored in my car. 

Here is a list of items I keep in my purse to carry with me:

              My wallet, of course

              A zero-waste cardboard tube chapstick

              During the summer, I carry my Ethique zero waste deodorant for reapplication

              Two stainless steel straws, in case I want to get a drink somewhere

              A bamboo comb (because my hair is always a mess) with a hair tie & bobby pins

              My Pela sunglasses

              A reusable pad, just in case

              A silverware set, in case I want to get a quick bite somewhere

              A handkerchief or unpaper towel to use for spills, a runny nose, etc.

              My ring wristband for when I have to take my rings off for work

              A reusable face mask

              My phone, in its biodegradable Pela case

If I am going somewhere for the day, I bring water with me as well.  I either keep a stainless steel bottle in my car, or I fill up a collapsible bottle to take on the go that fits in my purse when I am finished with it.  It collapses as you drink it, so you don’t have to completely empty it in order to shrink it down.  I am not a coffee drinker, but there are tons of collapsible coffee mugs and cups out there that are a great alternative to a takeout cup. 

In my car, I keep my shopping bags in my trunk at all times for when I stop at a store spontaneously. The rest of my shopping bags are at home.  I also keep an old takeout container in my car for leftovers if I go to a restaurant or order takeout from somewhere that will fill my container rather than their disposable ones.

I also pack my lunch every day for work to avoid producing waste.  I use containers and washable bags to pack food in, with an ice pack in my lunchbox.  I use an old pencil case to pack silverware and a washable napkin in as well.  I wrap fruit in a washable napkin or unpaper towel so I have something ready to use if it is too juicy, and use that to wrap the pit in so I can bring it home to put in my compost.  I also use a stainless steel water bottle that I can refill anywhere. 

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