Low Waste Vacationing

My husband and I just came back from our first big vacation since before the pandemic, so I finally had an opportunity to test out everything we’ve learned about zero waste living on a big trip! We flew to Switzerland, went through and stayed in 3 different Swiss cities, then traveled through the Alps forContinue reading “Low Waste Vacationing”

Greenwashing Guide

Today I want to talk about greenwashing.  This is so important to know about if you want to be environmentally friendly in your lifestyle.  I am going to lay out what greenwashing is, tips on how to identify it, ways to avoid it, and some examples that I have found in the last year onContinue reading “Greenwashing Guide”

Sustainable Skincare

I believe I am finally ready to talk about one of the toughest topics in sustainable living…skincare. This is a tough topic not only because everyone is different and has a different skincare routine, but because it took me months to reconfigure and nail down my own low-waste routine. I am going to walk youContinue reading “Sustainable Skincare”


In our house, the best way to cut down on physical trash has been composting what we can in our backyard.  Since moving into our home in May, we have put out our trash can four times, and the can has not even been half full any of those four times.  It usually has oneContinue reading “Composting”

Green Gifting!

Since it is the holiday season, I am writing this week about the joy of gift – giving.  This can be really tough when you want to live a low waste lifestyle, and gift according to that belief.  I personally struggle with receiving gifts because I don’t ever want to make anyone feel badly aboutContinue reading “Green Gifting!”

Low-Waste Laundry

I have a whole new laundry process since trying to do zero waste that I wanted to share with you! First, I want to talk about wearing clothes.  It sounds silly, but re-wearing items a few times cuts down on energy usage when you do your laundry.  I re-wear my jeans and dress pants forContinue reading “Low-Waste Laundry”


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